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Optimizing medications and improving human health through data-driven clinical services.

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We Combine Data Science with Clinical Expertise.

Our Programs Focus on Improved Outcomes and Lower Cost of Care for Patients.


We make sure that medication regimens and care plans are optimized and tailored to each individual. One size does not fit all.


We deliver the right intervention at the right time, anticipating and avoiding potentially harmful consequences of non-optimized care.


We focus on outcomes. Your success is our success. We take an evidence-based approach to patient health management to drive clinical results.

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For Patients

Accessible Tools, Relevant Content, Engineered for YOU.


Condition and Medication management is complicated. It doesn’t have to be. We are committed to simplifying, clarifying and demystifying your care, allowing you to take control of your health.


Navigating the healthcare system today can be overwhelming and burdensome. We meet you where you are, on your time, on your terms.


Our clinicians work with you and your care team to deliver clear, relevant action plans aimed at improving your health.


Arine has your back. We spot potential problems before they can happen whenever there is a change in your health, and work both with you and behind the scenes to take care of them.

For Plans

A New Approach to Medication Management.


We are focused on delivering low touch, high impact solutions that integrate into your members’ lives in order to drive quality, clinical and economic outcomes.

Data Driven

Our data-driven approach allows for real time issue tracking and the delivery of effective, personalized, evidence-based services.

End to End

Arine offers an end-to-end service that closes the loop with care teams to confirm recommendations are implemented, ensuring members are receiving the best possible care.


Our programs and services can be customized to your members’ needs. We work closely with you to define the goals and metrics for success.

We've built a Virtual Pharmacist

Our platform constantly aggregates and analyzes clinical and behavioral data to uncover gaps in care and resolve them.

The Virtual Pharmacist actively monitors and constantly analyzes relevant health data for the detection, flagging, prioritization and resolution of clinical issues.

Clinicians then use the Virtual Pharmacist to review the proposed care plan changes, and deliver tailored, actionable recommendations to patients and their care teams.

The Virtual Pharmacist continuously measures the clinical and economic impact of the delivered recommendations, using actual cost and utilization data to demonstrate ROI and impact.

Who We Are

We are a team of pharmacists., health economists., musicians., data scientists., rocket scientists., amateur athletes., programmers., photographers., pilots., policy researchers., motorcycle enthusiasts., chefs., digital health experts.

We started Arine because we believe that the best care comes from marrying the best available information to the best possible clinical expertise.

We are passionate about improving the health and quality of life of patients and their families by removing the confusion, complications and complexity associated with the everyday health care experience.

Arine is your health, Enlightened

Arine is powered by a passionate team

Yoona Kim

Co-Founder & CEO

Yoona is passionate about making sure patients are on the right medications for their conditions. After an extensive career in digital health, pharma and health insurance she started Arine to improve patient lives and health outcomes in the most scalable way possible. Yoona holds a BA from Stanford, a PharmD from UCSF and a PhD from The University of Texas at Austin.

David de Vries

Co-Founder & COO

David is convinced that technology can be used to scale services and to empower patients and care teams, helping to improve a broken health care system. He previously worked on innovative digital healthcare products and on the development and measurement of new healthcare policies. David holds a BA from Harvard and a Master’s from Cambridge.

Penjit "Boom" Moorhead

Co-Founder & CTO

Boom is driven to combine her expertise in data science and software development to build solutions that improve patient outcomes. She has been creating flexible, secure and scalable data solutions in regulated industries her entire career. Boom holds a BS from Chiang Mai University and a Master's from Oxford.

Amit Klein

VP of Engineering

Amit wishes to see a world in which healthcare services are data-driven, predictive and supported by robust evidence. He previously worked at leading Fortune 500 technology companies, focusing on the development of search-related features and user targeting using machine learning.

Jeff Rose

VP of Product

Jeff believes that patients and their caregivers should be able to take control of their healthcare experience though user-friendly, intuitive products and services. Prior to Arine, Jeff worked in the construction and logistics industries. He has also helped bring several startups’ products to market using a consumer-centric approach. He holds a BS from Boston University.

Joe Porter

Chief Revenue Officer

Joe is relentlessly dedicated to leveraging his business development and corporate strategy skillsets to springboard Arine’s growth in order to scale the delivery of critical health services through technology. His career has included leading data-driven product development, corporate strategy, business development, strategic partnerships, technology implementation, and solution portfolio commercialization. Joe holds a BS from Ithaca College.

Eunice Kim

VP of Clinical Services

Eunice believes in the power and expertise of pharmacists to drive positive healthcare outcomes for patients. Prior to Arine, she worked as a Pharmacy team leader for a managed care organization and as an oncology-focused pharmacist for a large health system. She holds a BS from UCSD and a PharmD from UCSF.

Betsy Yuan

Clinical Consultant

Betsy is driven to improve healthcare by actually addressing the medication related issues that the US health system ignores (or is terrible at addressing). She previously worked as a Pharmacy team operations leader focused on behavioral health at a large academic medical center. Betsy holds a BS and BA from UCI and a PharmD from UCSF.

Helen Jo

Clinical Consultant

Helen strives to provide effective patient care by integrating her clinical expertise with Arine's patient-centric technology. Prior to Arine, she was a clinical pharmacist at a Cancer Center. Helen holds a BS from UCI and a PharmD from USC.

Anna Neyf

Clinical Operations

Anna is passionate about working with patients to improve their health and adherence. She has worked in multiple healthcare settings, and is motivated to improve patients’ health education and outcomes. Prior to Arine she worked as a Care Coordinator and Unit Clerk within healthcare systems. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from San Jose State University, and a Master’s from Cal State East Bay.

Evan Xu

Software Engineer

Evan believes that there has never been a better time, or a greater need, for intelligently developed technologies in healthcare. Prior to Arine, Evan worked in a variety of roles in logistics and pharmacy businesses across tech support, operations and web administrator domains. He holds a BS from SFSU.

Umadevi Chitturi

Software Engineer

Uma is responsible for the reliability and stability of Arine's products and services, ensuring that our patient and care team stakeholders have an excellent and trustworthy experience. Her previous experience includes working at leading software development firms in international markets. Uma holds a Masters from Andhra University, India.

Discover more about Arine’s data-driven clinical programs.

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