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Medication Therapy Management
Arine Elevate - Quality Improvement beyond MTM

Optimize Your MTM Program for Evolving Requirements

Arine stands apart by delivering a comprehensive approach to medication therapy management (MTM) that keeps people well and your care team operating at maximum efficiency.

Our platform helps you execute more effectively, meeting both evolving CMS and organizational requirements.

Implement More Effective MTM

CMS rule changes continually evolve, making it increasingly difficult to stay ahead of the curve and ensure high MTM performance. Most programs are structured to meet basic requirements, but that doesn’t ensure strong outcomes if benchmarks shift.

Arine’s program is designed to go beyond “checking the box”. We support medication therapy optimization that keeps members healthy while improving care team efficiency by 5-10X, so you can deliver strong results on a larger scale.

Arine Addressing a 500+ Billion Dollar Non-Optimized Medication Problem

Outcomes that Make a Difference

4-5 Stars

Achieved 4-5 Stars on the MTM CMR Completion Rate Measure


Arine clients achieve 86-93% CMR completion rates with Arine


Arine clients improve the efficiency of care teams performing CMRs by 5-10 times

Maximizing Impact for MTM

Arine - Maximizing Impact for MTM
Arine - Maximizing Impact for MTM
Arine - Maximizing Impact for MTM

Maximizing Impact for MTM

Arine - Maximizing Impact for MTM

Improve Efficiency

Arine’s platform leverages our medication intelligence, providing insights on care gaps alongside workflow engines that streamline and automate processes, so your team is as effective as possible.

Our AI medication therapy management platform facilitates all components of medication reviews, automatically generating member education materials and prescriber communications—all so your team can operate most effectively.

Maximizing Impact for MTM

Arine - Maximizing Impact for MTM

Beyond Check-The-Box MTM

Arine gives clinicians the data insights they need to deliver care tailored to each individual, going well beyond the check-the-box nature of CMS requirements.

Arine’s platform provides a comprehensive view of each patient’s medication and care experience so that medication reviews yield a greater positive impact on patient health. We can even deliver broader information on accessing plan resources like prescription mail delivery.

Maximizing Impact for MTM

Arine - Maximizing Impact for MTM

Measure Performance

Track the performance and impact of your MTM program with Arine’s live dashboards.

Arine’s platform generates accurate beneficiary-level reports on a near real-time basis, so you always know where you stand. Our extensive data validation process means clients have always achieved 100% on data validation audit scores.

Improve Health Outcomes

MTM was originally intended to help patients achieve their health goals and prevent costly medication-related problems. However, non-optimized medications still cost hundreds of billions each year.

Learn how Arine not only delivers strong MTM performance but also improves health outcomes and cost of care.

Arine allows my team to serve more patients, better and faster. The Arine Platform is like a highly capable, senior member of our patient care team. It's as if we've added a new colleague whose sole purpose is to deliver tailored, actionable recommendations to our patients.


Lindsey Valenzuela, PharmD, BCACP

VP of Population Health Integration, Desert Oasis Healthcare

Arine's Approach to Medication Therapy Management

Automate Workflows
Automate Workflows

Leverage technology to maximize team efficiency by automating tasks and recommendations.

Take Action
Take Action

Leverage personalized care plans to guide tailored interventions.

Deliver Results
Deliver Results

Arine delivers efficient and effective results, going beyond MTM box-checking.

Elevate your MTM Program

See how Arine’s comprehensive approach keeps people well and your care team most efficient.