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Achieve 4-5 Star Ratings
Arine Elevate - Quality Improvement beyond MTM

Achieve the Highest Quality CMS Star Ratings

Only Arine’s AI fully captures the diversity of your population, so that we can elevate your quality performance and guarantee strong outcomes.

Most medication management programs are oriented to “checking boxes” rather than driving broad outcomes improvements.

Our platform delivers tailored, timely recommendations so your team operates at maximum efficiency while improving healthcare quality.

Focus on Health Equity

To obtain the highest CMS Star ratings, health plans must deliver high performance on medication-related measures across their broad member pool, including low-income, special needs, disabled, and other historically marginalized member populations.

Arine has a special focus on health equity. We start by understanding the specific needs of different member populations and consider their life circumstances to meet them where they are. To do this, Arine analyzes the data for social determinants of health and generates personalized recommendations to navigate members to needed services.

This has helped our clients achieve 4-5 Stars across all measures for the more than two million Medicare Advantage members on our platform.

Arine Client Performance - Improved Adherence and Star Ratings

Outcomes that Make a Difference

4-5 Stars

Star Ratings

Achieved Across Part C & Part D Measures Across Clients


Team Efficiency

Delivered Enhanced Clinical Efficiency


Net Promoter Score

Realized Higher Member Satisfaction

A Population-Focused Approach to Enhance Care

Address Specific Adherence Patterns
Drive Action and Engagement
Attain High Quallity Marks

A Population-Focused Approach to Enhance Care

Address Specific Adherence Patterns

Address Specific Patterns

Arine continuously analyzes broad data sets to understand the unique patterns of your diverse members, so we can proactively intervene before patients have poor outcomes.

Our platform generates member-specific, timely recommendations, based on predictive models, so that individuals are engaged at exactly the right time for the highest impact.

A Population-Focused Approach to Enhance Care

Drive Action and Engagement

Drive Action and Engagement

Arine’s platform generates customized care plans, tailored to each individual, which guide them to improved health.

Arine’s recommendations are continuously updated and cover multiple quality measures, so care teams can have an optimal impact with less member abrasion. Our single intuitive dashboard is used to collect, record, and share information across care teams, which improves operational efficiency.

A Population-Focused Approach to Enhance Care

Attain High Quallity Marks

Attain High Quality Marks

Arine’s program configurability and proven playbook ensure that you enhance performance across Stars, HEDIS, and CAHPS measures, regardless of your population's profile or your team's structure.

Arine’s platform can be leveraged across care teams - whether they are internal or external to your organization. Our live dashboards enable you to closely monitor progress to meet your heterogeneous population's needs and quality goals.

5 Stars for VNS Health

Discover how Arine quickly elevated VNS Health's Star Ratings across their complex population with Low Income Subsidy (LIS) and special needs.

It's good to know we can rely on the support of Arine's sophisticated, progressive technology and collaborative intervention methods to address our health plan members' special needs.


Sofya Shell, PharmD

VP of Pharmacy Service, VNS Health

Arine's Quality Improvement Framework

Risk Trajectories Uncovering Diverse Needs
Uncovering Diverse Needs

Arine analyzes social, clinical, and behavioral data to understand the risk trajectory for each member and address disparities.

Prioritized Outreach
Prioritized Outreach

Arine’s predictive algorithms enable just-in-time interventions based on continuously evolving data for each patient.

Broad Impact
Broad Impact

Arine delivers 4-5 Stars by meeting the needs of your population, member-by-member, and enabling tight feedback loops through continuous monitoring.

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Ensure you achieve 4-5 Star ratings across your diverse population.