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Arine works behind the scenes to deliver comprehensive medication management that empowers health plans and providers to drive outcomes at scale.

Arine comprehensive medication management platform combines insights and action to drive outcomes

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Sofya Shell
During these unprecedented times, it's good to know that we can rely on the support of Arine's sophisticated, progressive technology and collaborative intervention methods to address our health plan members' special needs.
Sofya Shell
Sofya Shell — PharmD, VP of Pharmacy Service, Visiting Nurse Service of New York


Learn how Arine helped one health plan go from 3 STARs to 5 STARs in under 12 months.

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Medication mismanagement costs skyrocket

While medication therapy management (MTM) has been around for more than a decade, medication-related costs skyrocket, the prevalence of chronic conditions soars, and health plan member satisfaction stagnates.

More than ever, healthcare needs a scalable way to manage prescriptions efficiently to keep patients healthy and reduce costs associated with drug-related problems.

$ 528 Billion

Annual spending on non-optimized medication therapy.


Older adults hospitalized daily from drug-related problems.

4 th

Drug-related problems are the 4th leading cause of US deaths.

20 %

Of older adult hospitalizations are medication-related.

Do right by patients

When you do right by patients, the economics follow. Watch how Arine helped one patient get the safest, most effective, most appropriate treatment for his unique and evolving health needs.

ROI >6:1

Arine achieves a greater than 6:1 ROI for health plans and providers

Quality Improvement 5 STARs

Improvement across Part C and Part D measures within 12 months with Arine


Reduction in inpatient readmissions with Arine

5 STARs in 6 months

Discover how Arine improved Visiting Nurse Service of New York's STAR ratings for medication-related measures in 6 months. Download the case study.

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Inside Arine

Arine is like adding a highly capable, senior member to your team who combines data science and clinical expertise, to ensure clinicians have the insights, care plans, and tools needed to deliver personalized care.

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Arine connects and synthesizes all available information to automate manual work for clinicians, freeing them to spend more time on patient counseling.

Continuous Improvement via Machine Learning (2)

Predictive Analytics

Arine predicts when high-risk, high-cost events will occur by breaking down risk scores into actionable clinical, behavioral and social components.

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Machine Learning

Arine learns continuously from a feedback loop that links risk to intervention to impact for dynamically refined targeting and intervention algorithms.

Arine illuminates the possibilities with comprehensive medication management.


Arine improves efficiency

Pharmacists shouldn't have to live in spreadsheets or clunky point solutions. Arine frees them up to focus on delivering personalized care to each individual.

Pinpoint low touch, high impact interventions at a glance.

Integrate with your existing clinical workflows and configure Arine to your organization's needs.

Assign tasks to the right clinician to help each member of the care team practice at the top of their license.

Automate each patient's workup so pharmacists and their teams can spend more time counseling patients.

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Arine delivers comprehensive outcomes

Go past check-the-box tactics that don't keep patients well. Arine empowers pharmacists and clinical teams to deliver care that reduces costly interventions and helps keep patients well.

Analyze clinical, social, and behavioral data for personalized, evidence-based care.

Close the loop with prescribers to confirm recommendations are implemented.

Track outcomes and monitor ongoing results, costs, and ROI in Arine's platform.

Continuously improve outcomes with machine learning that optimizes care.

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Help your patients live their healthiest lives.

Discover for yourself how Arine can drive outcomes across your population.

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