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When You Get Medications Right,
the Economics Follow

Arine focuses relentlessly on improving health outcomes through medication optimization and has the results to show.

Improving care quality translates into economic benefits for our customers:


Decreased Total Cost of Care


Reduction in Hospitalizations

4-5 Stars

Ratings Achieved

Arine Proven Outcomes and Immediate Impact


Proven Outcomes. Immediate Impact.

Pressured by continually rising healthcare costs and higher quality requirements, health plans and at-risk provider organizations must identify new ways to enhance care cost-effectively for their diverse populations.

Arine has demonstrated an impact on cost of care within six months and quality performance metrics in less than one year. We have a successful track record across clients managing Medicare, Medicaid, Special Needs, and Commercial populations, having touched more than 15 million lives and intervened with more than 33 million recommendations.

Health Plans and Providers Improving Outcomes with Arine


Health Plans

Four national plans
Five Blues plans

15 Million

Client Members Touched

>2M Medicare Lives
>4M Medicaid Lives
>6M Commercial and other populations' lives

33 Million

Recommendations Produced

Leveraging Technology to Address Client Priorities

Powerful Software to Anticipate Needs and Provide Scaled Solutions
Guaranteed Outcomes
Guaranteed Outcomes

Arine’s platform and algorithms enable teams to identify and proactively address medication-related problems before they lead to costly interventions.

Our continuous reporting allows close operational and performance monitoring to ensure clients meet their clinical and economic goals.

Scaled Outreach
Scaled Outreach

Arine’s configurable AI platform provides all the tools and automation needed to maximize team efficiency and help them deliver immediate results across broad populations.

Immediate ROI
Immediate ROI

Arine’s AI-powered platform identifies and supports your members most at risk of medication-related problems before they experience negative health events.

Arine’s recommendations and care plans instill trust and commitment from providers and patients.

Arine, with their AI platform, is a key component in helping us to deliver high-quality care to our Medicare population, including achieving 92% adherence to antihypertensives and an incredible 92% CMR completion rate for MTM. They also helped us to exceed our goal for statin adherence in our Hispanic population. Arine is very much an extension of our team, and our partnership with them is invaluable.
Matthew Dinh, PharmD

Senior Director, Pharmacy Quality Care & Experience, SCAN Health Plan

Arine Medication Intelligence
Arine Artificial Intelligence
Arine Clinical Intelligence
Arine Medication Intelligence
Arine Medication Intelligence


Inside Arine

Arine leverages AI to understand the nuances of your population’s medication experiences within the context of their day-to-day lives, helping us identify care problems before they occur.

We merge these insights with deep clinical experience to deliver tailored medication recommendations, so that each member receives the right interventions they need at the right time, to improve their health.

We call this medication intelligence.

Arine Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Integrate Data Sets

Clinical, behavioral, and social—including Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) factors that may indicate barriers to care.

Understand Patterns

Use AI algorithms to capture relevant care patterns and risk trajectories within specific populations.

Anticipate and Avert Issues

Leverage AI-powered prioritization for efficient identification of opportunities to avert care problems.

Arine Clinical Intelligence

Clinical Intelligence

Understand Context

Appreciate and address the contextual complexities of managing health conditions.

Craft Recommendations

Translate clinical guidelines and medication prescribing information into accurate and compelling clinical recommendations.

Tailor Outreach

Understand clinical workflows and bridge cultural and language barriers to deliver efficient, high-impact programs.

Arine Medication Intelligence

Medication Intelligence

Deliver Streamlined Solutions

Provide the simple tools and clear guidance care teams need to maximize efficiency, while removing tasks technology can automate.

Maximize Effectiveness

Ensure care teams spend more time supporting patients and equip them with the highest quality insights by combining information in a manner the human brain cannot.

Fuel Continuous Improvement

Employ continuous feedback loops to hone patient targeting and intervention models, maximizing clinical and economic impact.


Delivering Scalable Outcomes Across Populations

Arine’s comprehensive medication management solutions deliver tailored, proactive interventions that alter risk trajectories, helping you to improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs of care across your entire population. Our approach is helping clients address the burden of medication mismanagement—which costs the U.S. approximately $1 out of every $6 spent, or $528 billion annually.

Each Arine solution is designed to stand on its own, to drive outcomes in one focus area, or to be combined to maximize impact:

Arine Elevate - Quality Improvement beyond MTM

Achieve 4-5 Star ratings across your population for Quality and MTM measures.

Arine Resonate - Predictive Analytics

Leverage Arine’s AI algorithms to extend reach through prescribers, while reducing cost of care.

Arine Luminate - Improve High-Risk High-Cost Outcomes

Uncover opportunities to immediately support patients at higher risk.

Client Cost Savings: The Impact of Medication Intelligence

Learn how Oklahoma Healthcare Authority deployed Arine medication intelligence to improve the health of their population while driving cost savings.

Help your patients live their healthiest lives, and see the economics follow.

Discover how Arine can drive clinical and economic outcomes for your organization.

Arine Medication Intelligence
Arine Medication Therapy Management
Arine Quality Improvement