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Arine: The Power of Merging AI with Clinical Scalability

In today’s world, health organizations cannot efficiently address the medication and health needs of their diverse populations without leveraging the best available technology.

Arine merges AI with deep clinical experience to deliver tailored insights, so each member receives the right intervention at exactly the right time, for greatest impact. That drives improved outcomes at scale for our clients.


AI Power Based on Deep Understanding of Real-World Context

Arine’s approach combines best practices in leveraging all possible data features using advanced AI approaches, with the contextual knowledge on how to best surface these insights for patient and provider action.

We develop a nuanced understanding of each member in the context of their real lives and generate personalized recommendations that allow individuals to maximize the benefit of their treatment plans.

We adhere to strict principles with vigilant governance to ensure that our use of AI is safe, secure, responsible, and trustworthy. We believe that the appropriate use of AI can be powerful in improving patient outcomes.

Arine Uses Robust Methods to Measure Impact


Years of examining data from a breadth of organizations bring power to a platform.

Our Arine Platform analyzes a breadth and depth of data spanning diverse member populations across Medicaid, Medicare, and Commercial lines of businesses. We deeply understand not only pharmacy and medical claims data, but also cost, quality, and other clinical data. We also capture information on Social Determinants of Health to inform client strategies.

It is the unexpected metrics that yield the greatest patient insights.

We generate a comprehensive view of each patient, integrating thousands of data features across clinical, behavioral, and social parameters.

Unexpected data like social context, engagement trends, and even voice patterns identify the individuals most likely to realize benefits from interventions.

Patterns seen across patients identify the most impactful actions.

We examine broad data sets to capture patterns of response to different interventions, and how they vary across different populations.

This helps us predict and deploy recommendations that move the needle for each individual, helping them improve their health.

Real-world data is a necessity to optimize response to medications and improve health.

We are committed to improving society’s understanding of the impact of medications and associated treatment strategies.

Real-world data complements clinical trial experience, which often needs more generalizability due to being limited to homogeneous patient populations, thereby informing care optimization.

Arine’s unique capabilities and deep understanding of diverse data sets enable us to be at the forefront of this work to uncover more informed treatment decisions.


Driving Scalability by Empowering Providers and Patients

By delivering clear, actionable recommendations with relevant context, Arine engages providers and patients to take actions that change outcomes trajectories.

Arine_Illustration_Patient Profile
Providers have limited time and constrained views of their patients.

We integrate a patient’s siloed medication and health data across providers and settings, affording prescribers a comprehensive view of their patients.

Providers engage when personalized patient data is delivered with undeniable facts.

Arine’s recommendations provide specific patient details—diagnoses, medications, and relevant care activity, alongside relevant guideline excerpts. This helps us gain the trust of providers and aids them in making rapid, well-informed medication changes across broader numbers of patients.

Engaging patients with cultural understanding and in their native language can make all the difference.

Our platform enables care teams to leverage data on language, ethnicity, and other patient-specific insights that impact their ability to follow treatment recommendations.

This invaluable information helps care team members meet patients where they are, addressing potential cultural or health literacy barriers gating access to care.


Enabling Clients with Medication Intelligence

Arine’s medication intelligence provides your care team with the tools and insights to operate most efficiently so that they can spend their valuable time counseling patients.

Medication Intelligence
Care teams require simple, streamlined solutions to maximize efficiency.

We know that teams want simplicity—prioritized tasks, clear recommendations, automated activities, and all data easily accessible with live metrics.

We harness AI to deliver all of this in a configurable and streamlined manner, for our team and yours.

Clinicians do their best work when engaging patients.

We partner with care teams to ensure they are focused on patients, minimizing time spent on routine tasks that technology can remove or automate.

Using our platform, clinicians see year-on-year improvements in the number of tasks completed each day, which means they spend more time counseling and supporting patients.

Arine allows my team to serve more patients, better and faster. The Arine Platform helps us to deliver tailored, actionable recommendations to our patients.


Lindsey Valenzuela, PharmD, BCACP

VP of Population Health Integration, Desert Oasis Healthcare

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