We help patients stay well so they can
instead of worrying about their medications.

Our team works hard every day to improve the lives of patients, their families, and their care teams. We built Arine to give pharmacists and their teams superpowers that help them identify people who need intervention and what intervention each person needs to stay well. By combining data science with clinical expertise, we can make healthcare better for all.

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“We started Arine to ensure safe and effective medication therapy for each individual, which in turn has an immediate impact on improving outcomes and reducing costs. Arine provides a scalable way for clinicians to deliver care that helps people live their healthiest lives."
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Reduction in total cost of care


Reduction in hospital admissions


Improvement across Part C and Part D measures within 12 months

a:rine [uh-reen]

noun: Arine is a name of Basque origin meaning "light."

Arine illuminates the possibilities with medication management to deliver comprehensive economic and health outcomes.

Enlightening the delivery of medication therapy management

Arine's mission is to ensure that every individual receives the safest, most effective, and most appropriate treatment for their unique and evolving healthcare needs. Arine helps health plans and providers improve outcomes and cost by:

Scaling advanced clinical pharmacy services including comprehensive medication management, MTM, adherence improvement, appropriate prescribing, chronic condition management, readmission reduction and more.

Moving medication management from one-dimensional to multidimensional care that considers the whole person and delivers comprehensive outcomes.

Personalizing care to each individual in a scalable way that helps clinicians reach more patients with the right interventions.

Modernizing the clinical pharmacy profession and reinventing the approach to medication management by empowering pharmacists and clinical support staff in order to maximize impact.

Arine illuminates the possibilities with medication management

When you do right by patients, the economics follow.

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We come to every relationship—with patients and their caregivers, providers, clients, and our own team—with respect, transparency, accountability and trust.

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We have an unwavering commitment to continuous innovation in technology and services for clients and patients.

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Outcomes Focused

We are doggedly committed to improving the lives of patients and delivering quality and cost outcomes to our clients.

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People Forward

We put people first in all we do, encouraging each person to be their best because that is when they perform at their potential—and that’s good for everyone.

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The Arine Story

  • 1

    2017: Founded

    After two decades of studying health interventions, the founders pinpointed a gap in scalable medication management solutions. Together they and their earliest employees built an AI-driven platform that combined clinical expertise with data science to solve the $500 billion+ medication mismanagement problem.

  • 2

    2019: Commercialization

    The team took the Arine platform to market, partnering with health plans, mostly Medicare Advantage and Managed Medicaid plans, to reduce costs and improve quality.

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    2020: Results

    Arine achieved +3 STARs improvement for health plans, reduced cost of care by 15% and reduced hospitalizations by 40%.

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    2021: Series A

    Arine raises $11M in Series A and continues to impact cost and quality for major health plans.


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