High-risk, high-cost Patient Management

Improve outcomes with high-impact, low-cost interventions

Arine's High-Risk, High-Cost Patient Management solution helps health plans find individuals most in need of intervention, identifies gaps in care and creates actionable care plans to help patients achieve their treatment goals.

Set people on the path to better health

Medication mismanagement accounts for $1 in every $6 spent on healthcare. Identifying people most at-risk for medication-related problems and intervening at the right time with the right care helps reduce the need for costly interventions.

Existing “check the box” medication therapy management solutions are point solutions that involve one-dimensional data, assembly-line interventions, and limited cost and quality benefit.

Arine shifts the medication management paradigm to a 360-degree whole-person care model.

Our comprehensive medication management approach weighs the patient’s evolving social, clinical and behavioral needs as well as the care team’s workflow and communication processes to drive impactful health changes. 

Reduce costs comprehensively

Learn how Arine's approach to comprehensive medication management can reduce cost of care for high-risk populations. Download the white paper.

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Cost of Care 15%

Reduction in cost of care with Arine

Utilization 47%

Reduction in inpatient readmissions with Arine


Of care gaps closed within 6 months of Arine's implementation


The Arine way to reduce costs for high-risk patients

  • 1


    Input each person’s clinical, social and behavioral data to get a picture of the whole person.

  • 2


    Arine analyzes your multidimensional data to find high-risk patients and build personalized care plans.

  • 3


    Arine continuously measures outcomes and learns from the results to further optimize your medication management.

Stratify risk & identify gaps

Arine's algorithms comb your data to find people at risk for a costly intervention.

Segment your member population based on low, medium, and high risk.

Identify high and rising risk members within your population and enroll them in Arine-powered clinical services.

Pinpoint gaps in care across chronic diseases and specialty drug spend.

Incorporate social, clinical, and behavioral data to drive tailored care plan creation.

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Deliver care

Arine learns from your data to identify the next right action for each at-risk patient.

Deliver personalized care plans and tailored recommendations to patients, providers, and caregivers with the touch of a button.

Collect unique datapoints related to disease and medication management via Arine’s SmartQuestions.

Assign tasks to the right person on your care teams with Arine's workflow engine.

Integrate Arine with your existing workflows to improve efficiency.

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Ongoing optimization

Arine's intuitive reporting capabilities help you measure the outcomes of your interventions. Each datapoint help Arine learn more about your population to further optimize care.

Track and review outcomes across engagement, clinical improvement, and cost improvement.

View outcomes at both the patient and population level.

Understand where opportunities exist for further optimization.

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Steve Chen
"Arine provides capabilities that will help us scale the program to deliver personalized medication therapy to more patients, and accelerate outcomes that we know can be achieved through CMM."
- Steve Chen, Founder – California Right Meds Collaborative & Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs and Professor of Clinical Pharmacy at the USC School of Pharmacy

Help patients get and stay well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

High-risk patients are patients with two or more simultaneous diseases or medical conditions who routinely access high-cost medical care. These patients often have serious heart disease, diabetes, or other chronic and long-term conditions. This growing segment of patients accounts for a large percentage of US healthcare dollars. By preventing their conditions from worsening, healthcare organizations can impact cost of care.

Arine’s proprietary algorithms analyze data to find patients who show signs of potential drug-related problems. Each population is stratified based on social, behavioral and clinical risk level, and tailored care plans are created for each high-risk individual.

Medication management is the process of analyzing patient medication and medical data, counseling patients on their appropriate medication use, and coordinating with prescribers to ensure patients are on the safest, most effective, and most appropriate treatment.

Arine's approach to medication management for high-risk, high-cost patients can prevent problems before they become problems and keep patients well without the need for costly interventions. Arine significantly reduces hospitalizations and complications associated with non-optimized medications.

Arine's comprehensive medication management platform helps care teams identify potential improper use of opioids and guide appropriate use for chronic pain management. Additionally, our algorithms can identify outlier prescribing patterns among your provider network to catch prescribing problems quickly. Arine has helped our clients reduce both opioid-related complications and spend, and inappropriate prescribing.