Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Solutions

Arine gives care teams the actionable insight they need to turn medication therapy management (MTM) into a comprehensive approach that keeps people well.

Solving a $500+ billion problem

Medication mismanagement is responsible for billions in unnecessary healthcare costs.

While existing point solutions may address the requirements put out by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services for MTM, these solutions deliver one-dimensional, assembly-line care that has limited impact on cost on health and economic outcomes.

Arine moves past merely checking a box to illuminate the possibilities with MTM. Arine's algorithms streamline your medication therapy management program, ensure each patient is on the best medication for their needs, and deliver outcomes at scale.

Improve health outcomes

MTM was originally intended to help patients achieve their health goals and prevent costly medication-related problems. But non-optimized medications still cost hundreds of billions each year. If we aren’t helping patients achieve their health goals, is it time to find a way to go beyond MTM to deliver care that drives outcomes at scale? Learn how to go beyond check-the-box MTM to improve health outcomes and cost of care. Download the white paper.

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Quality 5 STARs

Arine clients achieve 5 stars on the MTM CMR Completion Rate measure


Arine clients achieve 100% score on the data validation audit with Arine’s reporting capabilities

Efficiency 5-10X

Arine clients improve efficiency of care teams performing CMRs by 5-10 times.

The Arine Way

Arine's Approach to Medication Therapy Management

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    Arine has the ability to model program eligibility efficiently with powerful analytics.

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    Arine’s algorithms generate a personalized care plan based on the needs of each individual, guiding interventions.

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    Arine delivers efficient and effective results with Arine’s approach, which goes beyond the check-the-box requirements.

Improve efficiency

MTM places a huge administrative load on pharmacy teams. Arine is the one-stop platform for your MTM program with algorithms and a workflow engine that automates processes and frees up clinicians to focus on your members.

Automatically assign tasks to the right person on the care team.

Automate components of comprehensive medication reviews (CMRs) and targeted medication reviews (TMRs) to give clinicians more time with more members.

Automatically create medication action plans and personal medication lists to send to members at the click of a button.

Give clinicians all a member's social, clinical, and behavioral data at their fingertips to streamline patient workups.

Streamline prescriber communication with customized report and recommendation templates.

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Deliver personalized care

Arine gives clinicians the data insights they need to deliver care tailored to each individual.

Leverage Arine's SmartQuestions feature to trigger clinicians to collect unique patient behavioral insights to further personalize care.

Communicate with members in their own language. Arine automatically translates member-facing care plans based on their language needs.

Deliver recommendations that go beyond medication to help them improve lifestyle and behavioral modifications.

Connect patients with care plan resources like transportation, prescription drug mail delivery, and more to make it easier for them to adhere to their care plan.

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Measure performance

Track the performance and impact of your MTM program.

Achieve 100% audit scores with Arine’s extensive data validation process.

Automate generation of the beneficiary level reports.

Monitor changes in member health status continuously to intervene at the right time.

Measure performance across your entire population to understand the impact of your MTM program.

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Lindsey Valenzuela
"Arine allows my team to serve more patients, better and faster. The Virtual Pharmacist is like a highly-capable, senior member of our patient care team. It's as if we've added a new colleague whose sole purpose is to deliver tailored, actionable recommendations to our patients."
- Lindsey Valenzuela, PharmD, BCACP, VP Population Health Integration, Desert Oasis Healthcare

Help your patients and members get and stay well.

Learn how Arine reduces the need for costly interventions to help your population stay healthy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Medication therapy management (MTM) is the process of reviewing a patient's medication through a comprehensive medication review (CMR) to ensure they can adhere to their medication-related action plan and improve their health outcomes. A CMS-approved MTM program is a specific program managed by CMS annually.

Comprehensive medication management considers the whole person to identify the right treatment for an individual's social, economic, behavioral, and clinical needs. Comprehensive medication management is focused on achieving the clinical goals of therapy and improving outcomes.

MTM has traditionally been a tactical approach that hasn't achieved comprehensive outcomes. Comprehensive medication management takes the best of MTM and combines it with whole-person care to drive outcomes that stick.

Arine's approach to medication management for high-risk, high-cost patients can prevent problems before they become problems and keep patients well without the need for costly interventions. Arine significantly reduces hospitalizations and complications associated with non-optimized medications.

Arine is powered by data—clinical, economic, social, behavioral. Arine is a fully customizable platform and we can input data from most sources. To find out for sure if we can accept your data source, please request a demo or send a message to our team.

Arine provides technology to health plans and risk-bearing healthcare providers. Our approach to medication management consistently reduces cost of care and improves healthcare quality for our partners.

Arine optimizes medication therapy and treatment planssaving 1 in every 6 healthcare dollars spent. The company's platform aggregates and analyzes clinical, social and behavioral data to identify gaps in patient care and uses artificial intelligence to address and resolve gaps on behalf of payors and risk-bearing providers.

Arine applies AI and automation to what used to be a manual process. We give your pharmacists superpowers by identifying the patients who need intervention and clarifying what intervention will be most impactful for each patient. Instead of digging to find guidelines, connecting the medical information, or trying to think of questions to ask the patient, care teams have the insights they need to improve quality of care.