Uncover Outlier Prescribing Patterns

Prescribing Physician Analytics

Arine's Prescriber Analytics solution uncovers misprescribing patterns to identify high-impact, low-cost interventions that improve patient outcomes. Ready to reduce misprescribing?

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Reduce misprescribing

Millions of Americans have been prescribed a potentially inappropriate medication, costing healthcare billions in interventions for preventable problems. Addressing misprescribing and coordinating with all of an individual’s prescribers can improve the patient’s health and quality of life while impacting cost of care.

Arine goes beyond one-dimensional patient adherence and tackles drug-related problems at the provider level by uncovering prescriber patterns and enabling prescriber education and communication at scale.

26 %

Of hospital readmissions  are adverse drug events related

34 %

Of older adults on a potentially inappropriate medication

$ 450

Annual cost per patient on potentially inappropriate medications

$ 1021 billion

Cost of the opioid epidemic in the US

Improve outcomes and cost

Learn how AI enables safe, effective, and appropriate medication therapy to improve cost, quality and member satisfaction. Get the Comprehensive Medication Management white paper.

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Behavioral Health 75%

Of behavioral health polypharmacy gaps closed

Impact 70%

Of care gaps closed within 6 months of Arine's implementation

Opioid Management 60%

Reduced morphine milligram equivalence (MME) by 60% plus

Arine's Approach to Prescribing Analytics

A better way to optimize medications

  • 1

    Data Insights

    Arine feeds your data into our AI-driven platform and analyzes prescribing trends to identify outliers.

  • 2

    Actionable Interventions

    Arine creates proactive recommendations for each provider to implement.

  • 3


    Arine tracks provider implementation, measuring impact on outcomes.

How Arine improves outcomes across your entire provider network

Medication management point solutions only focus on patient adherence. Arine expands beyond adherence to optimize medication therapy at the prescriber level, reducing the cost of and problems related to potentially inappropriate medications.

Analyze treatment and prescribing patterns across your entire provider network.

Identify key areas for improvement and prescriber intervention.

Pinpoint members in provider panels with non-optimized treatment.

Communicate recommendations to each prescriber in one intuitive dashboard.

Measure implementation and outcomes for every provider.

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We are now moving beyond a single point of contact to understand and address what is happening in between sessions and we’re doing this using data and leveraging technology. This is an exciting shift for the behavioral health field. Magellan Health is working with...Arine—market leaders in technology—on the whole patient journey so we know where there is elevated risk when we have patients who aren’t sitting face to face in their provider’s office.
- Ken Fasola CEO, Magellan Health, FORBES Article

A transparent way to improve outcomes and reduce costs across your provider network.

See for yourself. Request a demo today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Arine uses AI and predictive healthcare analytics to collect and analyze provider data to quickly recognize potential risks in prescribing patterns. The algorithms then generate actionable recommendations for each provider. With the click of a button, you can communicate these recommendations to your providers and track their implementation and outcomes over time. 

When patients are on the safest, most effective, and most appropriate medication therapy, they are more likely to stay out of the hospital and emergency department. At the same time their health and quality of life go up as they achieve their care goals.

Arine provides comprehensive medication management solutions to health plans and risk-bearing healthcare providers.  Arine reduces cost of care and improves healthcare quality, impacting economic and health outcomes for healthcare payers, providers, and patients.

Arine optimizes medication therapy and treatment plans—helping solve a $500+ billion problem. Arine's AI aggregates and analyzes clinical, social and behavioral data to illuminate gaps in care, develop individualized patient care plans, and streamline how clinicians deliver care. Arine also continuously learns from outcomes derived from prior interventions to further optimize care and keep patients well. 

Arine automates a currently manual comprehensive medication management process. Arine's algorithms identify patients at risk for drug-related problems, clarify the next right action their care team should take, and measures the impact of that intervention.