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Improve STAR Ratings

Arine's Quality Improvement Solution helps Medicare Advantage plans boost medication-related CAHPS and HEDIS quality measures to 5 STARs. Learn how you can improve quality measures this year with a demo.

Achieve 5 STARs

Medication mismanagement prevents health plans from achieving 4 and 5 STARs for medication-related measures, resulting in negative consequences for both plans and patients:

  • Increases cost of care
  • Reduces quality-related reimbursements
  • Affects member satisfaction

Unlike point solutions that take a "check-the-box" approach to MTM, Arine's Quality Improvement Solution identifies how plans can catch medication-related problems before they become costly to comprehensively improve adherence, reduce misprescribing, and increase CAHPS and HEDIS ratings. 


Discover how Arine's Quality Improvement program improved Visiting Nurse Service of New York's STAR Ratings. Read the case study.

Improved-STAR-Rating---Case-Study (2)
STARs Quality Measures 5 STARs

Improvement across Part C and Part D measures within 12 months with Arine

Percentile 99th

Achieved the top 1% of all Medicare Advantage plans for adherence and appropriate prescribing

Net Promoter Score 94

Achieved higher member satisfaction for Arine clients


The Arine Quality Improvement Framework

  • 1

    Identify Gaps and Risk Trajectory

    Arine analyzes social, clinical, and behavioral data to understand risk trajectory for each member.

  • 2

    Prioritize Outreach

    Arine's predictive algorithms permit just-in-time interventions.

  • 3

    Deliver Results

    Arine delivers demonstrable improvement in quality with ability to track ongoing performance.

Identify Opportunities

Arine continuously analyzes data to identify the highest impact opportunities to improve quality of care.

Generate population and patient level insights.

Leverage Arine's workflow engine to assign tasks to the right care team member.

Predict adherence patterns with Arine’s data science and machine learning capabilities.

Identify misprescribing within your provider network to help patients get the safest, most effective, and most appropriate medication.


Take Action

Arine builds personalized care plans for each person that moves them to meeting their health goals.

Tailor SmartQuestions to your population to collect additional insights, such as social determinants of health barriers.

Connect patients, providers, pharmacies, and plan services in one intuitive dashboard.

Address Part C (Medical) and Part D (Pharmacy) quality measures with one program.

Track the patient journey and monitor care plan and medication adherence.

Deliver personalized care (2)

Improve Quality

Watch your CAHPS and HEDIS measures improve with Arine's algorithms driving outcomes for your populations.

Close the loop with reporting that demonstrates the results of your quality improvement program.

Continuously optimize how you deliver care. Arine's algorithms learn your population to prevent problems before they become costly.

Understand quality measure outcomes at both the patient and population level.

improve quality platform illustration
Sofya Shell
“During these unprecedented times, it's good to know that we can rely on the support of Arine's sophisticated, progressive technology and collaborative intervention methods to address our health plan members' special needs.”
- Sofya Shell, PharmD, VP of Pharmacy Service, VNSNY

Start improving STARs Quality Measures comprehensively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Arine considers the whole person to comprehensively impact outcomes. Our platform’s ability to analyze not just clinical data but also behavioral and social patterns provides you with a full picture of each individual so you can provide care that helps them get and stay well.


Arine provides services to health plans and risk-bearing providers. Our approach to medication management consistently reduces cost of care and improves healthcare quality.

Arine optimizes medication therapy and treatment plans to reduce cost of care by 15% and utilization by up to 47%. The company's platform analyzes multidimensional data to find care gaps, address those gaps, and optimize how plans and providers deliver medication therapy.

Arine applies AI and automation to what used to be a manual process. We give your pharmacists superpowers by identifying the patients who need intervention and clarifying what intervention will be most impactful for each patient. Instead of digging to find guidelines, connecting the medical information, or trying to think of questions to ask the patient, care teams have the insights they need to improve quality of care.